Snap..Get Your Look

Herb Middleton presents Will Traxx

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"Snap..Get Your Look" is a Herb Middleton hiphop club track/anthem lyrically saluting "curvy woman". It's the first HipHop single from Producer Herb Middleton's (Nas, Mary J. .Blige, Total feat Biggie, Will Smith) upcoming project called I.C.O.N.I.C. which is a producer compilation representing "INDIVIDUALITY, CREATIVE ORIGINAL NUANCES IN CONCERT" in HipHop, Soul, Classic R&B, Smooth Jazz, Pop from various artists. It's also featured on The Smooches Music Project that supports the "Smooches Brand", a new woman's curvy model & empowerment organization. The "Big Herb" beat, live bass and string driven track backs New York's rising star Will Traxx aka "The Voice Of The City" who has worked closely with Dougie Fresh on other party anthems such as "Shine Da Light" & Footwork. He has also graced the stage with Lil Kim, Jim Jones, Jeff Redd, Shaquille O'Neal, Avant

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