Greetings All,

 "Grown & Gifted" is a new development that offers personal "1 On 1" consultant services to older musicians straight from Producer Herb Middleton's private work space.  /grown-gifted


It is also a movement that is destined to be a huge support system for older independent talent offering great opportunities, one used to breath life into the career's of older talent within it's community.  It's Mr Middleton's vision and dream for all "Grown & Gifted" to be a full fledge organization that treats people royally with royalties, but ultimately encouraging all aligned with it to make great and timeless music

"All human beings have something in common. As long as they live they will get older, but  getting older doesn't mean that they become unimportant or lose their gift of music"  Herb Middleton

Blessings & Thank You 

Herb Middleton


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