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  1. Nice And Cool

"Nice And Cool"

Produced by Herb Middleton
Keyboards, Piano, Drum Programming :Herb Middleton
Guitar : Richard Tucker
Rap: H.Middleton
Lyrics : H. Middleton
Big Herb's Music/BMI
SplashdownSplashdown Publishing ASCAP


What you think i would do
I'm from the BX sit here and watch them move
Why you gettin mad cause I broke the rules
Why you trippin when I'm soul fishing
Now how you living
God Is good I'm steppin with my Nikes on
Playing these blacks and whites won't forget my roots son
Queen bring the teleprompter I may forget the words to this song the words to this song
I better pray and play.


This is for cool in you
Now's your time to join the line
Keep it nice and cool nice and cool is what we do so move
This is for the nice and cool in you
Let me see your pep now
Let me see you step now

written by Herb Middleton