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  1. I Need Mo

From the recording I Need Mo



Verse 1
More love - More life - Less wrong - More rights
Conflicted by the world – Stand up for your fight
View me for what I am – View me for what I do
Blow smoke up out the shed – I’m flaming up stew

Darkness in the sky - But we shine with the stars
Respect about the image – Pay attention to bars
We working from the heart – Feel my body and soul
Discovered talented me – And now I’m putting out gold

Spread a little bit of life – I swear we live and we learn more
Doing what I love – With no doubt and I earn more
Shawty emphasize and love the way that we get wild
Countdown to be a great - before I knew the record side

Speak judgment like Malachi – Want more – a better vibe
I’m on my way up - Never settled for satisfied
I’m in the shed making noise with the better guys
Dre - Queen “M” - We here baby – Now let it ride

Chorus: I don’t know what you’ve been told - All I know is I need more
I need more (Chant: View me I need mo’)
So much more (Chant: View me we need mo’)
Ooh Wee (Chant: View me I need mo’)
Mo-Mo-Mo (Chant: View me we need mo’)

Verse 2
I want more - We need more
So come vibe with “The Shed” so that you can view me more
One thing about life if you don’t let go
There’s no way that you can prosper in this world for sure

So when you view me more - You’re gonna know for sure
Everything that’s going on in this world to know
So if you want to go and get it stop wasting your time
With all the negativity that got you losing your mind

It’s a blessing when you see another day to achieve
So you can believe and receive everything that you need
I want love - I want peace
I want my own empire so I can feel like a beast

So I can be like a king sitting on the throne
It’s a blessing when I’m holding on my microphone
Everything around me man you know that I own
So feel me and view me more – Let’s go


You can get it if you wanna get it. More love - More life (Repeat 3 times)

Chorus (Vamp out)