1. She Grows
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"She Grows" is a soulful hiphop boom bap track written by Creole King. This elegant classic was inspired by Creole's love for his babygirl and his passion for fatherhood. Produced by Herb Middleton


Verse 1
I just can't pull my gaze away
I stand there in a daze, for days
An aesthetic so magnetic
Captivating, I just let it flow
cause I think I might miss if I blink

Pre Hook
In the moment I think it's figured out
Like that she happens to wiggle out
Her soul can't be contained
By the picture in my frame

And then just like a flower...
She grows(She grows)

Must be some type of power
She holds(She knows)

Verse 2
As fleeting as a breeze she's been
Her charms they never seem to end
Every subtle transformation
Piques my fascination
She has grown to be more than I could dream

Pre Hook


Rap Verse
I would be inclined to pine
Wish I could freeze time
Or even better rewind
To you in these arms wiping tears as you cry
But this clock, tick tocked
Sprung wings to fly
Somethings that I can't explain
but I know that I could never stop this train I'm just along for the ride
And I never tried to tell you who you was or you wasn't
I allowed you to soak up the light
All of a sudden... (my girls)

By C.Henry
Ink Revoltion/BMI
MoonReady Starz/ASCAP
Big Herb's Music/BMI