1. Frequency
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"Frequency" unleashes a unique style of singing vocals while "spitting" which Herb Middleton tagged "Spinging". Ida Divine showcases her vocal flare on top of a Big Herb mid-tempo.




Run Run Run Run
Till the daylight it comes
All we knew was love
And couldn't forget that one
Music I my heart, Aorta, I oughta
Spread it round like Dandelion offspring
Them daughters, them waters
Deep blue abyss
Imma close my eyes like this
Take my name off that list
I belong to the bliss
Up all night, I start the fight,
delusions twilight
Slumber never comes easy to the divine
Spontaneously anticipating
The rawness of love
Lukewarm so strong, shelf life not long
Forever deliciously ignorant
The rantings of a lonley girl.. Clearly
Elated, then faded


I can not believe
I can not believe
You finally found the frequency of my world


All she ever wanted was someone
All she ever wanted was someone
Yeilding to her mercy
Have an epic anniversary
Stay ripe, stay thirsty
Till your skin turns suede & spine gets curvy
Perpetually losing winning
Winning & sinning
So fitting, such a glorious beginning
We dine with the sphinx
Signed with the ink
We walk with head to the sky type thing
You wrote your name I my heart
a long time ago before I was born
Somehow I remember doing the same thing
Singing the same song
Applause for the angels
Ashe for the ancients
We made it to life's ultimate playlist
Look at me when I say this
You raise my frequency the greatest, greatest

I can not believe
I can not believe
You finally found the frequency of my world Triumph
For ever for ever


Lyrics by Laquana Thompson aka Ida Divine
Music by Herb Middleton